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Real estate in Israel is known as one of the expensive in the world. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a property in Israel and wants to get a mortgage for this purpose, knows very well that he will be required to show that he has minimum equity of at least 25% of the asset`s value, in addition to additional fees and expenses.

This is a well-known and painful problem, especially among young couples who are forced to spend considerable amounts on rent each month. This is even more painful in light of the fact that the money that is thrown every month on renting, is compatible with the mortgage payments that would possibly be paid if they had the chance to get a mortgage. Thus, a kind of vicious circle is created - on the one hand you cannot get a mortgage because the equity requirement is unrealistic for a large population in Israel, and on the other hand you do not really save when you have to pay for the monthly rent – when average rent in Israel is much higher than in most developed countries.

A quick Google search is enough to understand that this is a problem of a great many people, and also that the solutions offered across the web are not helpful for most of this very people.

Against this background the inComeHome Project was created.

High housing prices in Israel and high share of young households (ages 25-35) that do not own an apartment allow us boldly to state that home ownership for young Israeli couples turned out to become "a distant dream".

Our new initiative – inComeHome Project is designed to help young Israelis find first homes in Israel.

As mentioned above, the high prices that are a result of shortage of available housing and low construction rates present a serious barrier for young couples, especially for those who do not have any financial support from their parents, and there are many. These young couples will most probable have to take a mortgage and the banks usually require a high threshold that will prevent many young people from entering this market.

On the other hand, granted a mortgage through our project, these young couples would be able to pay the mortgage payments comparable with the monthly rent payments they did otherwise.

inComeHome project offers a legal way to solve the down payment problem for these couples without increasing the risk of mortgage default.

The project is relatively more profitable for foreign investors, especially in terms of tax savings, but even a local investor will find inComeHome program as a unique opportunity. Is there anything better for an investor than increasing profits and helping out someone at the same time?

inComeHome project will allow you to invest in Israeli families’ first property, and thus increasing your profits by saving tens of thousands of dollars while helping young Israeli couples acquire their first home in Israel.

Sounds interesting? Want to compare the numbers? Contact us today, and start making the most out of your shekels!

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What is the lowest investment amount required?

The lowest investing sum will be around 80 - 100k USD.

What is the investment period?

The investment period is individual, starting at 5 - 7 years. You can choose to continue with the same partner owner or to withdraw your share.

Are there any risks?

Every investment has its risks, but considering all benefits of the program, the risks are lower compared to any standard real estate investment.

What are the benefits of InComeHome?

Compared to the regular investment of purchasing a property and renting it out, the main benefits of inComeHome are:
1) Cutting your one-time and routine expenses to a minimum, thus increasing profits.
2) Passive income with almost zero-intervention.
3) Helping young Israeli families purchase their first home.

Contact us to see a detailed comparison between inComeHome and standard investment.

How does it work?

The process is a little bit easier than the standard investment method.

a) Building a custom investment route according to your budget, plans, and preferences.
b) Matching a proper, pre-qualified family (or families) to your investment route.
c) Making a custom contract according to the requirements of the parties.
d) Purchasing a property.
e) Enjoying the rent payment.
f) Option to withdraw the sum of your share of the apartment at the end of the agreed period or continue with the investment.

Who are the partner owners?

Partner owners are pre-qualified Israeli families with minimal equity who meet the conditions to apply for the program. 

Can I invest in more than 1 family?

Yes! Depending on your budget, you can be matched with a few different partner owners and still enjoy the same benefits with almost zero intervention.

What is the annual return of the inComeHome program?

The expected final annual return is about 5 – 5.5% on average (after withdrawing your share).

Do I have to visit Israel to take part in the program?

No. Your presence is welcomed but not necessary. For your convenience, we can operate remotely by trust account and a trustee – a lawyer or someone else on your behalf. 

Can foreigners take part in the inComeHome program?

Foreigners, non-citizens, and non-Jews can also participate in the program and enjoy the same benefits.

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