New commercial project in Mevaseret for rent

100,00 м²1 000,00 м²

A new business center will be established on the street of Mevaseret Zion - Hatzvim Street, offering offices and commerce areas for rent

Offices - from $25 per sq.m. a month (minimum of 150 sq.m) 
Stores - from $55 per sq.m a month (a minimum of 100 sq.m)

This area is in the midst of extensive renewal - construction of thousands of housing units and construction of many public institutions and commercial centers.
Also in the coming months, it is planned to open near a commercial center a new road that connects to road number 1 Jerusalem - Tel Aviv and thus places the center in a prime location!

from $3 500

Mortgage Calculator

Approximate monthly payment
How to buy property in Israel?

Click here for a complete guide on how to buy property in Israel.

1) Preparing:
      a. Calculate your budget.
      b. Consider taking a mortgage
      c. Think of preferred areas, cities, or moshavim
      d. Consider weather, schools, community, public transport, and so on.
2) Search
      a. Make a list of properties to visit with your agent.
      b. Calculate the final cost of the property, including all the fees and taxes.
      c. Take into account land tax (arnona) and maintenance fee (va’ad habayit).
3) Contract
      a. Get a real estate lawyer to represent your interests. Ask your realtor if you don’t know any.
      * It is very important to have a lawyer specializing in real estate.
      b. Make sure you agree with the payments schedule and the rendering dates.
      * Keep in mind that the developer is allowed to delay the rendering by two months.
      c. Sign the contract and transfer the payment and/or the mortgage
      d. Congratulations; you now own a property in Israel!

Generally speaking, buying a property in Israel is not complicated if you have the right people – brokers and lawyers by your side. All you have to do is find a good real estate agent, and he will lead you through the whole process.

How to reduce costs buying property in Israel?

The best way to save money is to have a professional real estate agent you trust. He will not only save you time and money but also provide you with anything you need.

Ready to save some shekels? Contact us here!

How to get a mortgage in Israel?

1. Open a bank account in Israel (not a must, but it might help).
2. Apply for a mortgage, providing necessary documents according to your country of origin, such as ID, bank statements, income information, and so on.
3. Get pre-approved (ishur ikroni). Keep in mind that ishur ikroni is valid for a certain period.
4. Life and property insurance. After applying for a mortgage, the bank will require the buyer to take life and property insurances.
5. The mortgage will be transferred to the seller’s account according to the contract terms.
To ensure you get everything done correctly, get the right mortgage on the best terms, we highly recommend being helped by a mortgage broker.

How much can I borrow for a mortgage?

If you are an Israeli resident with a local source of income, you can borrow up to 75% of the property value for the first or only property.
Investors and foreign residents usually can borrow up to 50%. However, in some cases, the amount can be increased.

What are the mortgage rates in Israel?

The average rates are about 2.5% (3% for above 25 years period), depending on the loan period and type, age of the borrower, income, and financing percentage.
The rough estimate is about 450 – 500 nis of monthly payment for every 100k nis borrowed.  


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