Investing in Israel

Looking to invest in the real estate of Israel? You might be looking for a long-term investment or just want to purchase and rent out for a few years before making an Aliyah.
We offer different kinds of investments on both long and short terms, with full support and management service.

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How to buy property in Israel?

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1) Preparing:
      a. Calculate your budget.
      b. Consider taking a mortgage
      c. Think of preferred areas, cities, or moshavim
      d. Consider weather, schools, community, public transport, and so on.
2) Search
      a. Make a list of properties to visit with your agent.
      b. Calculate the final cost of the property, including all the fees and taxes.
      c. Take into account land tax (arnona) and maintenance fee (va’ad habayit).
3) Contract
      a. Get a real estate lawyer to represent your interests. Ask your realtor if you don’t know any.
      * It is very important to have a lawyer specializing in real estate.
      b. Make sure you agree with the payments schedule and the rendering dates.
      * Keep in mind that the developer is allowed to delay the rendering by two months.
      c. Sign the contract and transfer the payment and/or the mortgage
      d. Congratulations; you now own a property in Israel!

Generally speaking, buying a property in Israel is not complicated if you have the right people – brokers and lawyers by your side. All you have to do is find a good real estate agent, and he will lead you through the whole process.

Can a foreigner buy and own a property in Israel?

Yes. Foreigners, non-citizens, and non-Jews can buy and own property in Israel. Generally speaking, foreigners can own only real estate built on private land, which is about 7% of Israel’s land. Still, there are always exceptions and ways to overcome these obstacles. 

Is it wise to invest in real estate in Israel?

Yes! Israeli real estate is stable, and the demand is very high.
Most of the investors have an affinity for Israel; therefore, they invest not only their money but also their hearts.
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How to reduce costs buying property in Israel?

The best way to save money is to have a professional real estate agent you trust. He will not only save you time and money but also provide you with anything you need.

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Do you offer property management service?

Yes. We do offer property management services. Please contact us for more information.

How much does a real estate lawyer cost?

Real estate lawyer fee is 0.5-1.5% of the property price, depending on the property price and complexity of the deal.

What are the expenses of buying a property in Israel?

   1. Real estate brokerage service: ~2% (some brokers require a small prepayment).
   2. Mortgage broker: 10,000 NIS – 1% (depending on the mortgage complexity, might even go higher).
   3. Lawyer: 0.5 – 1% (in special occasions might go higher).
   4. Purchase tax: 0 – 10% (depending on status and property price, mostly is 5%).
   5. Property management: 1.5 – 2x monthly rent amount (for investors).
   * Don’t forget to add VAT
   ** Ask your agent for exact numbers.

Can I purchase a property in Israel without visiting (remotely)?

Yes, you can buy a property in Israel remotely, and it is not complicated at all.
If you buy a new project under construction, all you get is illustrations and floor planning. There is no difference where you check them.
For constructed properties, we offer VR (virtual reality) tours and video calls, so that you can check every option on your PC or tablet.
We will help you to find the property, and our lawyer will take care of the legal part, including the payments via the trust account.

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